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Boost your skin’s appearance with the RED LED™. This powerful device uses NASA-approved technology to emit red LED light and infrared wavelengths. This helps to both reverse and prevent the appearance of skin aging. This revolutionary form of therapy stimulates the complexion on a cellular level, leaving it looking smoother, firmer, and deeply revived. With regular use, see the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles diminish.

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How to Use

How to Use

To achieve optimal results, use 3 times a week, for three consecutive weeks. After three weeks of regular use, continue to use once a week for maintenance.


Once fully charged, power on the RED LED™ and apply it directly to dry cleansed skin. Gently massage in small, circular motions while applying light pressure for 4-6 minutes on each treatment zone.

Additional information

Additional information


Rated voltage (adapter): AC100-240V
Rated frequency (adapter): 50/60Hz
Rated current (adapter): 100mA (max)
Maximum output power: 6W
Type of heat source and number:
11 Infrared lights, 12 Red LED lights Design principle: LED heating therapy
Wavelength: 630+-5nm, 840+-5nm
Therapeutic temperature range: 41+- 2C/ 105+-35F
Storage condition: Temperature: -10 C go 60 C/14 F to 140 F
Relative humidity: 5%-95%
Operating condition temperature: 15 C to 35 C/59 F to 95 F
Relative humidity: 10%-80%
Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa
Lithium ion battery:
Max charging time: 6 hours
Treatment area: 17 cm2
Weight: 265 g
Rating input: 10Vdc 4.2W
Battery: 7.4Vdc 1050mAh
Product Size: 19.8X4.5X5.96cm

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for RED LED

  1. Donna Mckernen

    Mark introduced me To the RED LED at the medical show in Denver. I LOVE IT! Will be purchasing it online as soon as possible.

  2. Margaretha Neal

    I got this one in Hawaii, Maui last April, @ the Orogold store in Lahaina and I love it…

  3. Susan

    Loving this device so far. It took a few weeks but I can see my laugh lines slowly fading.

  4. Arlene

    Been using this device for a few weeks and though I don’t see a complete difference in my crows feet, I can definitely see a difference in my skin. It looks so much more brighter and tighter…if that makes sense.

  5. Yasmin

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this device. It was recommended by a friend and her skin is so flawless!

  6. DeeDee

    Now that I’m in my 30s mys skin and its appearance have become a major concern. So glad I found this device, I’ve been using it for a little over a month and my skin has been looking more firm.

  7. Lena

    Consistency is key here, thats why I set an alarm to remind myself to do my treatment before bed time.

  8. Mona

    My mom bought this for herself and at first I was mad that she spent that much on an anti aging product until I saw her results. Guess who’s getting one next.

  9. Noel

    I’m one to try anything before turning to botox and fillers. I’m so excited to start using this device. I’ve been reading nothing but good reviews and my best friend seems to be liking it.

  10. anon

    I was told by the salesperson to use this frequently if I really wanted to see results so I’ve been doing just that. Sometimes I do 4 times a week and sometimes every night. I can definitely feel a difference on those night I forget to use it.

  11. Trenda

    Will it provide long lasting results? I have no clue but I am loving the reslts I’ve received. 3 months into using this thing non-stop and I couldn’t be happier with my skin.

  12. Bob G

    I read that this helps boost collagen to help with wrinkles so I decided to purchase. Best splurge-worthy item I have spent my money on.

  13. Jodie

    Not one to spend a ton on skin care but the sales guy really sold me on this. He was really informative and helpful. Even when I came back because I forgot how to use it properly. Anyways, this product is really good. I really am seeing a difference in my pre existing wrinkles

  14. Gary

    Purchased this product on a whim. I wanted something that I could use to help minimize signs of aging and I’m so glad I stumbled upon this product. It’s been working miracles on my skin.

  15. Nina F

    My skin has been looking younger and more refreshed since using this. I highly recommend this device!

  16. Pam

    Not a complete miracle worker since it won’t permanently get rid of wrinkles, I mean, can anything really? but definitely see a huge difference in my skin.

  17. Linda Beasley

    Best tool I’ve used for face & neck skin firming. Life saver

  18. Karina Velasco

    A friend of mine recommended this device to me. Glad i bought it. I use it on my forehead and cheeks. My skin appears visibly firmer with every use.

  19. Liliane A

    It takes a while but, together with a skincare regime, this product works wonderful! I’ve been using it for weeks now and it makes me feel as if using a radiofrequency machine. Would definitely recommend.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

When I heard it was NASA approved I really thought it had to be something out of this world! And it truly is! It is quite expensive, but all the best things in life usually are. My wrinkles have gone away, the deeper ones have shrunk and no new ones have appeared! There have to be cosmic powers involved in the making of it, there is no other explanation! Absolutely astonishing results!


I really don’t like the fact my skin is looking older and older. I know many people are starting to accept that fact, but I just can’t and I really try to do as much as possible to slow down the process. This one is quite expensive, but there can't be any real result without combing a strong moisturizer with a gadget like this one. I feel the process of aging reversing by the minute! Really satisfied with this one, even if it's a bit expensive!

Cathy Simmons

It may be on the pricier side, but, seriously, after I used it, I realized it's well worth the money! I was hesitant at first, like I always am, but it's kind of the best thing I've ever bought, and I'm not even exaggerating! It somehow tightens my skin, AND makes it softer and plumper. I swear I look 10 years younger after only a couple of weeks. I'm reeeally glad technology has come so far!

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