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Medically tested and NASA approved the Jelessi Torche uses red LED infrared technology to stimulate cellular activity to achieve Dr. office like benefits in the comfort of your home.  Unlike some other treatments out on the market, the Torches Red LEDs penetrate much deeper into the skin, which helps in producing cellular turnover, contributing to the production of collagen, resulting in younger looking skin.


The Jelessi Eye Wand is a product that can also help in two different areas: Anti-aging and Puffiness. The product itself is presented in a very well-looking box in black and platinum gray. It’s presented in the middle of the box when opening it and it comes with a helpful manual and a changing cable. The eye wand is presented in black and gray colors with a big area on top where you place it underneath your eyes. The beautiful Jade stone mentioned before lays in the middle of the metal upper part and makes direct contact with the bottom of your eyes. It’s also comfortable in size when holding it and you can take it anywhere you want.


The name Jelessi itself is hard not only to pronounce but to write as well. When I first heard of this brand, I didn’t know how to exactly pronounce the name correctly. So, like any other person, I looked up the brand online to see what it was about. According to them they are a passionate brand that focuses on the power of technology to help revolutionize the skin care industry, focusing majorly on LED technology.


Over the past several weeks, I was given the amazing opportunity to test out the state-of-the-art Jelessi Torchē V2 + Amber Light to determine my impressions, thoughts, and overall takeaways on this amazing product. After using the amazing Jelessi Torchē V2 + Amber Light as suggested for two weeks, these are my initial and subsequent impressions about its usage, effectiveness, and how it will fit into my daily routine.

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