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Combining multiple functions to deliver the ultimate skincare experience, the Radio Frequency Regimen is a multi-step routine that enhances the appearance of skin softness and reduces the appearance of fine lines, breakouts, and inflammation.

How to Use

How to Use

Refer to the manual for further use:
RF Regimen Manual

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for RF REGIMEN

  1. Bill Madison

    Bought this for my wife- she loves it! A bit of an investment but worth it!

  2. Lina Smith

    Left my face looking and feeling amazing!

  3. Terry Martinez

    I bought this back in January to try to really take care of my skin. I suffer from really bad milia and my skin has start to show a lot of fine lines. I use this every day for 20 min, and I alternate lights, depending on what I need, but I mostly use the red light. So far I love the results. Milia is completely gone and already see an improvement with wrinkles. It’s expensive but so worth the cost.

  4. Sandra Diaz

    I’ve noticed in my older age my cheeks have begun to sag. I can literally feel my facial muscles tightening with the RF Regimen. Happy with the results so far!

  5. Porfiria

    la neta si está bien chido cómprenla sale buena

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Customer Reviews

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NO words left to say.
ONE of a kind .
I saw a significant improvement


This set is just magical! I was always skeptical about these types of skincare regimens but wow this one proved me wrong. I always had dry flaky skin but now my skin feels so soft and moisturized immediately after using this. 5 stars for sure!


10 out of 10 for this one for sure! At first I thought it was too complicated for me, not to mention expensive! But I gave it a go, because I really started to become desperate with the state my face was in. And, boooy I'm glad I did. This is the best buy EVER! My face looks sooo much younger, I can't believe it! Even after months of using it, I still can't believe my face looks this good! Wow, just wow!


I truly believe that these next generation gadgets will be irreplaceable in the future. After I have tried it, I realized really quickly that my skin is getting firmer, but softer at the same time. My face is getting that youthful look I thought I lost forever. Money well spent, if you ask me. Everybody should try it!


I was getting a bit desperate there at one point because I thought nothing could solve my acne problem. But I was sooo wrong. My face has calmed down completely, and I feel a bit of a lifting effect, as well. I killed two birds with one stone with this one! I feel like nothing I write can do it proper justice. 10/10 would recommend it to everyone with delicate and problematic skin like mine. Fantastic!

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